Each animal in the zoo has its own requirements which can be quite different and specific. You can help to contribute towards their care through Zoo Taiping & Night Safari’s Animal Adoption Programme which was first introduced in 1994. The animal adoption is a unique programme which allows individuals or organizations to sponsor either animals or facilities in the Zoo. All donations willl be put to good use either for animal feeds, medicine, enrichment programs or maintenance or building of animal exhibits or visitor facilities.

By sponsoring one or more animals or enclosures or other facilitiies in Zoo Taiping & Night Safari you are helping in the efforts for conservation and preservation of wildlife. We hope this programme will generate funds that wil continue to help in our conservation efforts, as well as maintaining the habitats for the good of the current generation and generations to come.

Choose Your Sponsorship
Platinum Emas Perak Gangsa Ikhlas
RM50,000.00 above RM30,000 - 49,000 RM10,000 - 29,999 RM1,000 - 9,999 RM100 - 999
  Platinum Emas Perak Gangsa Ikhlas
Passes to Zoo Taiping 200 pcs 200 pcs 50 pcs 10 pcs 2 pcs
Passes to Night Safari, Taiping 200 pcs 200 pcs 50 pcs 10 pcs 2 pcs
A Special Plaque at Exhibit of Animal Sponsored (18�x12� in size)
Sponsors Name Will Be Displayed On Special Notice Board Located at Area Around The Zoo Entrance.
Free Parking Passes Valid for a year in Taiping Municipal Council area. 2 (2 cars) 2 (2 cars) 1 (1 car)
Income tax exemption.