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Scientific Name:
Pongo pygmaeus


Order : Primates
Family : Pongidae

The Orang Utan is tail-less, with small ears and a small nose. The coat is long and soft, and reddish brown in color. The arched eyebrows are not very conspicuous, and the jaws are prominent. The head is pear-shaped, the eyes small, and the lips mobile. The arms are very long and strong, and its prehensile feet gives it a 4-handed appearance. Length of head and body averages 96 cm (38.4 inch), standing height 137 cm (54.8 inch), weight 75 kg (165 lbs); females about 80-85% of height and 50% of weight of males.

The Orang Utan feeds mainly on fruit, especially on figs, but it also eats leaves, bark, shoots and flowers. It is arboreal, rarely descending to the ground. It usually lives a solitary life, with mothers and offspring forming the only long-term bond. The adult males live on their own, and only join a female and her young on a temporary basis for mating. There is no evidence of fighting between adult males, and they do not appear to display any territorial behavior. The gestation period lasts between 233-263 days, and the single infant is nursed for many months.

Borneo and Sumatra

Tropical forests